Thursday, September 25

I had a conversation with someone on improvement today, and sometimes it is hard to see your own improvement. It is easy to get frustrated because you haven't mastered something, but try to look at it the other way. Look back on where you came from and compare that to where you are now. Just because you can't do 10 pullups in a row doesn't mean you aren't getting better at pullups, it just means you can't do 10 yet. Look back a month or two ago and consider how many pullups you could do then. If you went from one to two pullups that is a 100% improvement and that is awesome. Enjoy the little gains and they will add up to big ones! Check out the video clip featuring actor Chris Pratt on how he got in shape for a movie role. Remember, this isn't a professional athlete or trainer, but someone who wanted to change the way he felt and looked. His advice is simple and encouraging. Think about where you could be in six months!

Workout for Thursday, September 25 Power Snatch 5-4-3-2-1

5 Rounds For Time: 10 Overhead Dumbbell Lunges (Left Arm) 20 Ball Slams 10 Overhead Dumbbell Lunges (Right Arm) Run 200m

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