Tuesday, September 30

Just a little reminder that the workouts are programmed for a reason. Each movement is put in throughout the weeks, months, and year to provide training in all areas for you to get stronger, faster, and better at moving without stopping. That being said, go into each class with an open mind and trust that there is reason behind the strength/skill work and the WOD. Your coaches will tell you if there is an emphasis or strategy to the workout. Don't try to figure out what strategy will be the least amount of work in a WOD. With that attitude do you think you will really improve your fitness? Also, perform the movements that are on the whiteboard to the best of your ability every single time. This stuff is all measurable and repeatable IF you do it how the workout is written. Of course, you have coaches to help you scale the WODs in various ways, but don't always look to change things. Roll with it and put forth your best effort each day to continue developing the fittest you possible! Leave the programming and scaling to your coaches. Workout for Tuesday, September 30

Deadlift 3X7 @ 65%, 2X5 @ 65% 2X5 are done as single reps!

14 min AMRAP: 2 Power Cleans (185/125) 10 Box Step Ups 50 Double Unders

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