Friday, October 10

We are working strict toes to bar and muscle ups on Friday. Both of these movements require a good hollow body position. If you were in the gym on Tuesday, you got to work on hollowing out. If you weren't there, check out the video below on bar muscle ups and how it begins with the hollow and arch positions for the kip. There are a few good tips in there on how to kip properly and when to pull to achieve the bar muscle up. Hope this helps make them easier for you or maybe gets you your first one!

Workout for Friday, October 10 5 Sets of Max Effort Strict Toes to Bar

3 min AMRAP 1 Thruster (135/95) 1 Bar Muscle Up 2 Thrusters 2 Bar Muscle Ups Continue Increasing Reps by 1 each Round

Rest 2 min, Repeat, Rest 2 min, Repeat.

Sub C2B Pull Ups, Pull ups, Ring Rows for Bar Muscle Ups.

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