Tuesday, October 14

There is a team competition coming up in November and we have a couple of people looking for a third team member. It's a beginner's competition and here is the description from their site

This is a beginner/scaled only team competition. Each team will consist of either 3 woman or 3 men. If you are wondering if you qualify for this event please contact us. There will be 4 events for every team and a 5th championship WOD. Every member of every team will participate in all events. This competition is for you if you have been competing for less than a year, still use bands on pull-ups, scale benchmark WOD's, etc. If you are unsure please contact us. Movements and movement standards will be released 1-2 weeks prior to event. WOD's will be released day of. Every competitior will recieve a t-shirt. Prizes for top 3 teams.

If you would like to be on a team let us know ASAP. First come, first serve to fill the opening, but there can be more than one team. You can put your name on the whiteboard in the gym. If you have questions please let us know!

Now, here are some quick tips for double unders that might help you get through Annie a little faster. (Although the best tip is to practice them a lot!)

Workout for Tuesday, October 14 Weighted Pull Ups 5-3-5-3-5-3, If Ring Rows do 6X5 as hard as possible.

"Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Sit Ups Rest 1 min 50 Ball Slams

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