Wednesday, October 15

Here's a pretty great article on shoulder health. So many of us feel twinges in our shoulder and it's important to know how you can create a healthy shoulder for yourself and treat minor dysfunction. This article called The Shoulder Health Essentials by Dr. Quinn Henoch walks you through how the shoulder functions and how you can keep your shoulders healthy. Understanding how your body works is essential to keeping it functioning properly. Give this article a try. It gets pretty in depth, but I think it is information worth knowing. There are a lot of videos at the end with exercises to help create and maintain healthy shoulders. If your shoulders ever give you trouble please read! Workout for Wednesday, October 15 Power Snatch From Top of Knee 20 min to Build Up to Heavy Double

For Time 21 Push Ups 21 Pistols 15 Push Ups 15 Pistols 9 Push Ups 9 Pistols 15 Push Ups 15 Pistols 21 Push Ups 21 Pistols

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