Thursday, October 16

Remember, Barbells for Boobs is coming up on Saturday, November 8! T-shirts have been ordered and all proceeds will go to the charity. Also, please get our team donation page out to as many people as possible. Here is the link to donate Also, Wednesday, October 29 is our next Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend that has never tried CrossFit. This day is specifically programmed to give everyone a good workout with no prior CrossFit experience required. Let you friends see how awesome the 616 community can be!

And follow that up with a Halloween celebration on Friday, October 31! There will be prizes for the best costume in each class so start preparing now.

OK, now that you know everything that is going on we can move on to muscle ups and handstands. Here's a really great muscle up progression from The Outlaw Way. If you want to get a muscle up, you need to go through the progressions. Continually jumping up and pulling on the rings isn't going to do it. Have a plan of attack that builds to the final movement. Stick to that plan and you will get there - I promise!

A long video, but worth it

Workout for Thursday, October 16 Muscle Up/ Handstand Walk Practice 10 min to Work on MU Progressions 10 min to Work on Handstand Walk Progressions

EMOTM for 21 min 1st min: 10 T2B 2nd min: 15 Box Jumps 3rd min: 15 KB High Pulls (1.5/1)

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