Wednesday, October 29

Have you ever tried to give up sugar for a little while? Did you think it was nearly impossible? Unfortunately, trying to avoid all refined sugar is extremely difficult because sugar is in everything! It is really out of control and it is killing us. Also, the sugar and food lobbies in this country are powerful and do everything in their power to mislead us and make us think what we are eating isn't that bad. Take a look at this in-depth report from John Oliver on sugar, how dangerous it is to our health and how hard it is to avoid. I apologize for some foul language, but I think it's worth watching so we can educate ourselves and know what we are up against.

Workout for Wednesday, October 29 Tabata: 8 rds of each movement. Complete all 8 rds before moving to next movement Row ME Distance Box Jumps (step down) Push Press (45 lb) Ball Slams

12 min AMRAP 7 Hand Release Push Ups 7 Pull Ups 14 Air Squats

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