Thursday, October 30

This Friday is Halloween and that means you should be wearing a costume to class! Don't miss out on the fun. Dress up as your favorite CrossFitter (even if it's Cori) and workout. Or dress as anything you like. I've heard rumors of some good costumes so don't be that one person not dressed up - definitely a burpee penalty. Here's the Black Leopard as Rich Froning from last year (with a machete for some reason).

Workout for Thursday, October 30 EMOTM for 12 min Odd Min: 40 Double Unders Even Min: 15 Wall Balls

For Time: 21 Deadlifts (225/155) 35 Burpees 15 Deadlifts 35 Burpees 9 Deadlifts 35 Burpees

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