Tuesday, November 4

I read an article today about the balance of exercise and training and wanted to make sure you all know the difference between the two. Training is the process of getting where you want to be to perhaps meet a specific performance goal. Exercise is for the present not the future. Exercise gets you hot and sweaty and burns a few calories, but there is no long-term goal. At CrossFit 616 we are training with a specific purpose. We have strength goals, gymnastics goals, conditioning goals, etc... Our program is designed to get you stronger, skilled and conditioned over a long period of time. Of course, we are all at different points on that path. We can use certain exercises to help us reach our training goals, but simply exercising with no end game doesn't get us where we want to be.

So, my request to you is to approach your workouts at CrossFit 616 as training from now on. Keep a journal and know where you are on your fitness journey. Know you goals and where you want to be. Look at each day as a progression towards your goals and when you reach them, set new ones.

Workout for Tuesday, November 4 40 sec work, 20 sec rest For 4 min: Double Unders 10 min to Complete 3 Sets of ME HSPU (1 strict, 2 kipping)

30 min AMRAP "Super Cindy" 5 Strict Pull Ups 10 HR Push Ups 15 Wall Balls Every 5 min Row 400m

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