Friday, November 7

In case you didn't see the post from our weightlifting club West Michigan Barbell here is the info on the World Weightlifting Championships that begin this weekend. The WWC are in Kazakhstan and start Saturday, November 8 and go through Sunday, November 16. There will be lots of weightlifting streaming all through the week so you can see the best in the world go at it. Check out the WWC resource page on All Things Gym for updates, schedules, links to live streams, and all other information about the event. This is an important event for the US to earn qualifying points towards the Olympics is 2016. Here are some highlights from the 2013 Championships to get you pumped up! (sorry ladies, I just realized this is men only.)

Workout for Friday, November 7 Row 2K Rest 2 min, then 5 Rounds of: 40 Double unders 20 Air Squats 10 KB Swings 25 min Time Cap

With remaining class time. Work on skills of choice for 10 min. 10 min Mobility.

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