Monday, November 10

You will notice that today's strength work has two different categories - one for more experienced members and one for beginners. The beginner strength category is for those of you that have never tested for a one-rep max. When you begin lifting you need to establish a base of strength before testing your max strength and it's obviously impossible to work off percentages of a max if you have never tested it. We want you to continue getting stronger for a period of time until it is appropriate to test for a max. Once you have squatted for a cycle or two you will have developed the skill of squatting enough to test for a max, but until that happens you need to get in lots of reps to train you body to squat correctly and get used to supporting the weight. So, if you have never tested for a max squat, follow the beginner strength program for as long as necessary and make sure to keep track of what you are lifting so you can progress from week to week. You will find that you can keep going up every week for quite some time. Eventually we will test you maxes and then you can work off percentages, but for now the best program for a new lifter is a linear progression that increases little by little each week. If you have questions about where you should be please let us know and we can give you a good starting point. Workout for Monday, November 10 Back Squat 1X3 @ 85%, 1X5 @ 80%, 3X5 @ 70% Beginner Strength: 2 Sets of 10 Reps @ 45/33, 3 Sets of 7 @ 95/65

6 Rounds, 3 min Each Round 3 Full Cleans (185/125) 30 Double Unders 10 Push Ups

Complete work as quickly as possible, rest remainder of each round.

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