Thursday, November 13

"One of my first meditation teachers taught me that i should never underestimate the importance of the breath because it was one of the two natural ways that we can connect to the immediate moment."

This is a quote from a blog post on breathing that you all should read called Hitting PRs Through Mindful Breathing. The article doesn't get into specific breathing techniques, but focuses more on connecting to what you are doing using your breathing. Use your breath to get your mind right and you body set before you lift. It can make a huge difference. If you have never thought about how you should be breathing during a lift or during a workout you are missing out on a huge piece of the puzzle. If you aren't sure how you should approach breathing please ask a coach so you can use it to your advantage. You can practice breathing any time and you can use it to relax and connect to the moment you are in. Try it and harness the power of your breath!

Workout for Thursday, November 13 Deadlift 1X10 @ 75 %, 1 X 8 @ 70%, 3 X 6 @ 65%

8 Rounds, 2 min each Round 30 Double Unders ME Row for Distance in Remaining Time Rest 1 min

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