Wednesday, November 19

ATTENTION: If anyone has seen a black Lululemon jacket can you please let us know? The owner would love to have it back. It seems to have been lost in the move. Keep an eye out for it! We talk about and work on glute activation a lot. Why? Because lots of us have weak or inactive glutes, which lead to a host of movement problems and can lead to injury. Having strong, active glutes is important for performance in the gym and normal function in every day life. Of course, we need everything else working too so how do you get it all in in a day? This might not fix every issue you have, but here is a list of five things you can do every day to keep your glutes and other parts of your body in good working order:

5 Things You Should Do Every Day - from Bret Contreras

Since we have clean and jerks on the books, take a look at the latest world record lift from Ilya Ilyin set at the Weightlifting World Championships this past weekend. He hit this lift of 242 kg/533 lbs. to set a new world record and win the 105 kg weight class in his home country. A lot of people would argue that he is the greatest weightlifter of all time.

Workout for Wednesday, November 19 Clean and Jerk Practice then 18 min to establish Heavy Double C&J

6 Rounds, 3 min Each Round 9 T2B 35 Double Unders 20 OH Plate Lunge (45/25) Complete Round as fast as possible, rest remainder.

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