Wednesday, November 26

It's Wednesday FriendsDay again so invite a friend that has never tried CrossFit to any of our regularly scheduled classes! The early arm pull (or too much arm pull) in the clean and the snatch is one of the most prevalent problems for new lifters. Pulling early causes all sorts of problems and kills any power from your leg drive. Unfortunately, breaking that habit can be hard and you really have to drill it out of your system. Check out the video below on fixing the early arm pull with legendary weightlifting coach Mike Burgener. I love his direct style of coaching. There's no nonsense with him, just direct instruction and an expectation to execute. He really gets right to the point and doesn't put up with silliness like not hook gripping. Watch for yourself and see if any of these tips might help you. The problems the girl in the video has with her pull are very common and we see them all of the time in the gym so you can most likely take something away from this.

Workout for Wednesday, November 26 Bench Press 5X7 Building Up in Weight. Emphasis is on Technique! No more than Bodyweight for any set.

For Time: 100 Double Unders 30 Air Squats 80 Double Unders 30 Slam Ball Twists (30/20) 60 Double Unders 30 KB Swings (1.5/1) 40 Double Unders 30 Burpees

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