Monday, December 1

OK, the Paleo Challenge kicks off today, but we are giving you a transition week to start it off. So if you haven't signed up you can still get in, but you need to journal everything you eat this week. Cori sent an email to everyone that signed up already so if you didn't get it please let us know. Her email is copied below so please read it if you want more details. I know it is hard to complete these challenges, but I really think you should give it a try if you are unsure. Don't do it to win or because everyone else is. Do it because you want to make a positive change in your diet and health. Of course it is hard, but you don't have to be perfect. No one will make it through the entire challenge without a slip up and that is OK. The point is to get your diet on track and hopefully keep it there. If you are good 95% of the time that is amazing and you should be proud of that. Don't just blow this off because you know you'll want to have a cookie or two at Christmas. Focus on eating healthy food that makes you feel great rather than focusing on the things you want to cheat with. Keep it positive and the you'll find the cravings eventually go away. Once you establish a solid eating pattern you will be able to stick with it long-term. Also, if you cheat don't freak out, just get back on track and be happy. Stressing over every morsel of food is not the way we want you to live. You are supposed to enjoy life and do your best, but no one is perfect so don't set yourself up for failure. Approach this realistically and just manage one meal and one day at a time. your health is worth it!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. We are looking forward to starting this paleo challenge with you tomorrow. Remember "Beach bodies are made in the winter." Fact!!

There is a power point to go over the rules and scoring system for this challenge. It is very similar to the last paleo challenge we did as a group. The differences are: - Extra activity outside of the gym will not be awarded points - Mobility and Skill work will have to be done at the gym and you will have to have a coach sign off on it. If a coach doesn't sign off on it; it doesn't count.

I have attached a food list as well so you know what foods you can have. If it's not on the list you can't have it. You are allowed 8oz of Tea OR Coffee a day.

I have also attached a document for you to journal in. You must use this document to get your points. I have set it up for each week; all you have to do is put in your information. Each week is separated at the bottom of the document.

This is a long paleo challenge. We know you can do it. Because it is 9 weeks instead of 8 weeks we want to take the first week to transition into paleo. This first week will allow you to work through any questions and/or struggles you are having without getting docked points. The only way you wont get points for this week will be if you do not journal.

We will be having a paleo potluck on Saturday, December 6th. On the 6th the paleo challenge will become strict.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to e-mail me at or

Workout for Monday, December 1 Front Squat 25 min to Find 1 Rep Max

12 min AMRAP 6 Front Squats (95/65) 7 Hand Release Push Ups 8 C2B Pull Ups

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