Friday, December 5

You probably hear us say "Get tight!" about a thousand times a day, but maybe you don't know exactly what we mean. It seems simple, but there are levels of tightness that are appropriate for specific movements. Check out the Mobility WOD below on tension levels to better understand how tight you need to be and where that tension should occur. There is peak tension and working tension. If you don't understand the difference, please watch the video below.

Workout for Friday, December 5 Push Jerk 3 X 5 @ 85% of Push Press, 2 X 6 @ 70% of Push Press

15 min AMRAP 4 Strict HSPU 8 Dumbbell Snatch (4 each arm) 12 Med Ball Cleans

Beginner Strength: Push Press 2X7 @ 65/45, Push Jerk 3X5 @ 95/65

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