Thursday, December 11

Since we have double unders on tap for today's skill work I thought some of you might appreciate some tips before you get to the gym. I am pretty sure I have posted this video before, but they do a great job of breaking down the swing and the jump. The biggest thing you can do to get better at double unders is practice, practice, practice. There is simply no substitute for lots of practice when it comes to a movement that requires coordination like the double unders. Don't give up, you will get there if you put in the work. A lot of people would rather substitute twice the singles for double unders in a workout, but this doesn't get you any closer to mastering the double. The reason we have you do double under attempts is because we want you progressing towards mastery of the movement. If you skip out on that you will never get there. Hope the video below helps. Then check out the second video of the 1-minute double under world record (from 2013) and give it a go during the testing. 169 in one minute!

Workout for Thursday, December 11 Double Under Practice 1 min Max Effort Double Unders (record results for later testing!) then: 5 Rounds of Max Effort Double Unders, 40 sec working, 20 sec rest

Complete for Time: 3 Rounds of: 12 Overhead Squats 95/65 12 Knees to Elbows Row 750m 3 Rounds of: 12 Wall Balls 12 OH DB Lunges (6 each arm alternating legs)

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