Tuesday, December 16

Remember that we have yoga this Wednesday at 8 pm, but starting next week yoga will be on Monday nights. That's right, yoga is moving to Mondays beginning December 22. Be there! Also, New Year's Eve is the last Wednesday of the month so that means it's a Wednesday FriendsDay. Bring a friend to class that has never tried CrossFit. We do have a limited schedule that day so make sure you check the class times at the gym. Make sure you check the class times for the next couple of weeks because the schedule is a little different over the holidays. The full schedule is posted on the front door.

One last thing. I went to Grand Butchers today on Michigan St. looking for some good meats and they have some great stuff to fit the Paleo Diet. They don't do any cured meats at all, so if you need some bacon in your life with no nitrates, they can help you out. The girl I talked to was very familiar with the paleo diet and said they do a lot of brines and rubs with no sugar just so they fit into the paleo diet. It's a pretty cool place with knowledgeable people that can help you navigate the somewhat intimidating meat world. Go check it out! (Also, they gave me a free sample so I had to give them a plug!)

Workout for Tuesday, December 16 Back Squat 1X5 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 80%, 3X3 @ 85%

3 Rounds For Time: 6 OHS (135/95) 12 C2B Pull Ups 18 Wall Balls Rest 2 min Cool Down with 750m Row

Beginner Strength Back Squat 1X7 @ 105/75, 1X6 @ 125/95, 2X5 @ 145/105, 1X5 @ 165/120

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