Friday, December 19

Here's a very cool article on women and weightlifting from US News and World Report. The article dispels some of the myths about women lifting weights, like "you will get bulky" or "it's only for men or huge people". It's refreshing to see an article like this in a national news source where people besides CrossFitters may read it. There are some encouraging words in there for women and men about reaching your goals and being happy with how you look. Read the article here. Workout for Friday, December 19 Shoulder Mobility Weighted Pull Ups 3X5, 2X3 Building Up in Weight Immediately After each Pull Up Set, 1 min ME Double Unders

Open WOD 12.1 7 min AMRAP: Burpees (don't cherry pick your workouts!) *Touching Target 6 inches Overhead*

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