Wednesday, December 31

Remember, the last class of the day is at 5 pm today! Enjoy the New Year's celebration, but please be safe. And start thinking about what you would like to accomplish in the gym in 2015. We have a big pile of lost-and-found clothes so please come claim your stuff. We will be donating anything that isn't claimed to Goodwill after the new year so come and get it.

One last thing. Starting next Wednesday, January 7 we will have CrossFit at 7 pm. Now that we have the room we will have CrossFit and weightlifting at 7 on Wednesday nights. See you there!

Workout for Wednesday, December 31 5 min of Muscle Up Progressions and Practice Bench Press 5X7 Building Up No more than Bodyweight+10lbs, start no higher than 75% of bodyweight

For Time: 3 Rounds 18 T2B 18 Box Jumps Row 250m

Beginner Strength: Bench Press 5X5 @ 95/65

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