Tuesday, January 6

If you haven't been in the gym in the last couple of days, you may have not seen the goals board that is now up. We want to know what you want to accomplish this week, this month or this year so write them down to keep yourself accountable. Goal setting is important and they can keep you motivated and on track. However, be careful when goal setting to not go overboard or set goals that are out of your control. If you watch the video below on goal setting there is some great advice on how to set goals and how to achieve them. Remember, set behavior goals, not outcome goals. What's the difference? An example of a behavior goal is to eat healthy meals six days a week. An outcome goal is to lose 10 pounds. The amount of pounds you lose is not under your control. What you can control is what you eat and how much you exercise. Watch the video for further explanation and more examples. And start thinking about what you want to accomplish this year. Then think about what behavior you need to change to get there. And, as always, please talk to your coaches if you aren't sure how to reach your goals.

Workout for Tuesday, January 6 Back Squat 2X5 @ 80% 2X2 @ 90% 2X3 @ 85%

Beginner Strength 5X5, Add 10 lbs from YOUR last Back Squat Day.

3 Rounds For Time: 21 KB Swings (1.5/1) 15 Box Jumps 9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Sub C2B with Reg Pull Ups

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