Friday, January 9

We have some kipping practice on tap for Friday so here's a couple of videos from Gymnastic WOD's Carl Paoli. He covers the basic mechanics of the kip and gets into how to do it. Listen to what he says about global flexion and extension of the body. That is what keeps you under control. Once you get the swing then you can start thinking about going up. In the second video he gets into the upward motion and the weightlessness that comes in the kip. Then he gets into linking them together. Notice, he manages all of this with his thumbs around the bar.

Workout for Friday, January 9 Skill Practice: Kipping Swing, Kipping Pull Ups/T2B Focusing on Long Legs/Tight Body on PU, "Gymnastics Kip"

5 min AMRAP: 10 Pistols (5 each leg) 10 T2B Rest 2 min 5 min AMRAP: 10 Pistols 10 Sit Ups Rest 2 min: 5 min AMRAP: 10 Pistols 10 Slam Ball Twists (30/20)

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