Wednesday, January 14

OK, here it is, the movement list for the in-house competition on January 31. We are not releasing the rep schemes of the workouts, but we are telling you the movements so you can decide which division is right for you. So if you see a movement listed after a slash, that is the scaled version of that particular movement. The tentative schedule for the day is to begin the first heat at 10:30 am and to be done by 2:30 pm. This depends a little on how many we have signed up, but we will try to stick to that time frame as much as possible. Also, before you read the list of movements, we will need volunteers for the competition. We will have a sign up sheet for that as well underneath the competitors sheet. We'd love to see you all compete, but if you really don't want to we'd be happy to have you help out on the day of the comp. Either way, we will see you on the 31st!

Movements: Rowing Thrusters (very light) Pullups/Ring Rows Double Unders/Single Unders Sit Ups Wall Balls (scaled height) Overhead Squat/Front Squat Box Jump (scaled heights) Power Clean Shoulder to Overhead Slam Balls Air Squats

Workout for Wednesday, January 14 Front Squat 1X12 @ 60% 1X10 @ 65% 1X8 @ 70% 1x6 @ 75%

For Time: 30 Power Cleans (135/95) 30 Pull Ups 15 Power Cleans (155/105) 15 C2B Pull Ups

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