Monday, January 19

Don't forget that the deadline to sign up for the in-house competition is this Friday (Jan. 23) afternoon. The first workout starts at 10:30 am and we should be done by 2:30 pm. There will be three workouts and you can check the blog post from January 14 for the list of movements. The competition is open to EVERYONE, regardless of skill level. Here's a short video with some tips on double under timing. Timing is just as (or more) important than positioning when you start learning the double under. You can't just go all out, there is a rhythm to the rope and the jump. Check out the video for more.

Workout for Monday, January 19 DU Practice 30s on, rest 15s, 5 Rounds

Bench Press 5X5 Building Up Start at 75% to 80% of Bodyweight, no more than BW+20

For Time: Row 2K @ 500m do 30 Pull Ups @ 1000m do 30 DB Snatches (15 each arm) @ 1500m do 30 Wall Balls

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