Tuesday, January 20

Our poor forearms arm getting neglected. We do a lot of rolling on the shoulders, hips and even the calves, but for some reason we forget to take care of the forearms. Well it's time to give them some love. These guys do a lot of work hanging on pullup bars, holding heavy barbells and getting stretched and pulled in almost every other movement we do. A few of you have mentioned some elbow pain after kipping pullups and it could be due to tight, restricted forearm muscles. Check out the Mobility WOD below for some great forearm arm work using the voodoo bands. We also have a device at the gym called the Arm Aid to help loosen the tissues of the forearm. If you are struggling with tight wrists or hot elbows try mobilizing the tissues of the forearm to see if you can find some relief.

Workout for Tuesday, January 20 6 Rounds, One Every 2 min: Complete Two Sets of 1 Power Clean + 2 Full Cleans Build up through Rounds

EMOTM for 5 min: 10 Push Ups 6 Deadlifts (275/185) EMOTM for 5 min: 10 Sit Ups 8 Box Jumps EMOTM for 5 min: 10 T2B 10 OH Lunges (45/25, 5 each leg)

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