Friday, January 23

Each week I see tons of things I want to share with you all, but sometimes the blog or Facebook isn't the right spot or it's just not the right time. So I ended up saving some of those things this week and I'm just going to post the links here so you can all check them out. I'll call it the Weekly Roundup, which is a name probably already used a thousand other places, but it's just a collection of things I think are worth reading/seeing. Also, I am by no means making any promises that this will happen every Friday. Either way, here is week one of the Weekly Roundup. Take care of your quads for healthy knees

Why you should keep a journal. In life and in the gym.

What happens when we don't scale our workouts

The Five Worst CrossFit Products (not my assessment, but those of the author. I may agree.)

3 Rowing tips

Workout for Friday, January 23 Strict Press 1X10 @ 65% 1X8 @ 70% 2X6 @ 75% 1X5 @ 80%

For Time: 21-15-9 HSPU Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65) *Cash Out With 200 Double Unders and 1,000m Row* Break Up DU and Row however you'd like.

20 min Time Cap

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