Wednesday, January 28

I read this article today on warming up and thought it was worth sharing and it made me think of a few things we'd like you to know. The article covers the different functions and parts of a good warmup. We essentially do the same thing here based on time and the workout of the day. Sometimes more mobility work is needed sometimes more skill practice and "greasing the groove." No matter what, the warmup is extremely important for your safety and performance - and that brings me to my big point on warming up. We've noticed a trend lately of people walking out on the warmup. I don't think anyone is doing this intentionally, but you are missing out on a piece of prep for the day's workout. Our warmups usually last around 15 minutes. If you need to go to the bathroom, change shoes, put on wrist wraps or knee sleeves, get a drink of water, take off your sweatshirt please wait until the warmup is over. I promise, you can make it 15 minutes. If you know what we are doing that day will require different footwear or other equipment, you can just have it on and ready before class starts.

I honestly think this "walking out" during the warmup gets worse during the winter as we like to shed layers as we literally warm up our bodies. It's ok to rip off a sweathsirt or pants, but just throw them aside for the moment. You don't need to miss the next five minutes while you are folding your clothes in the corner.

Remember, when you disappear during the warm up, everyone else in the class has to wait for you to catch up. So what seems harmless (changing to your lifting shoes before the barbell warmup) gets old when everyone else is holding a barbell and waiting for you.

The warmup is about safety first. We want you to workout injury free and if you aren't properly prepared there is a greater risk of getting hurt. Plus, you generally feel like crap once you start working out. No one wants that. So, be mindful of the warmup and your fellow classmates. It's only 15 minutes, you can make it!

Workout for Wednesday, January 28 14 min AMRAP: 5 C2B Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats 5 Burpees

For Time: 30 Farmers Lunges (15 with KB in each hand) 20 KB Swings (1.5/1) 10 KB Front Squats 90 Double Unders 500m Row *If KB Touches Floor between reps or sets do 5 Burpees*

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