Thursday, January 29

We are starting with snatch balances today and this may be a new move for some of you that don't attend the weightlifting class. Check out the video below with coach Burgener teaching the snatch balance to a couple of great CrossFit athletes and coaches. As usual, coach B has a direct style that is easy to understand and he throws out a huge amount of tips in a short time. Please watch this video so you will be ready for the skill work in class.

and another short but good one

Workout for Thursday, January 29 15 min to build up to Heavy Snatch Balance Double. Work out of racks. Weight should build up to be heavy, but still able to make lifts consistently.

Every 2 min for 10 min: 1 Hang Full Snatch, 2 Overhead Squat 2 sec hold at bottom of OHS Build Up in weight as able with clean reps.

"Death By WallBall" Start with 7 WallBall Shots for the first minute. Increase to 8 WallBall Shots the second minute, 9 the 3rd, 10 the 4th... Continue until unable to complete WallBall Shots within the given minute.

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