Monday, February 2

Congratulations to everyone that competed over the weekend. We had a great time at the in-house competition and saw you all push yourselves to new limits. A lot of first-time competitors were out there and you all did great. You should be very proud of yourselves for working hard and getting outside of your comfort zone to test yourself. We also had two people medal at the Meijer State Games Weightlifting Championships this Saturday. Congrats to Annika and Rita for taking home hardware at the state meet!

Thanks again to all of the people that helped out on Saturday as well. These events don't work without you and we really appreciate it.

As I left the gym on Saturday I realized it was the end of the month. So I took a look at the goals board in the back and wanted to remind everyone to not lose sight of those goals over the next weeks, months and the rest of the year. Those goals are very doable and if you keep working at them you will get there. Check out the board and evaluate your progress and figure out if you need to change your approach or keep doing what you are doing.

The new yoga/mobility class starts this Monday at 5 pm. Be there!

Workout for Monday, February 2 Back Squat 1X8 @ 70% 3X6 @ 75% 1X5 @ 80%

15-12-9-6-3 Power Cleans 185/125 T2B

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