Tuesday, February 3

The Paleo Challenge has officially ended and it is time to announce the winners! Congratulations to all of you that stuck it out and made yourselves feel and look better. These challenges are tough (that's why they are called challenges) and sticking it out to the end is an accomplishment in itself. If you fell off the wagon a few times that is ok, just get back on and do your best. Don't be too hard on yourself when you slip, and don't use it as an excuse to go on a bender. Now that the challenge is over, you can settle in to realistic food choices that fit your lifestyle. There is no shortcut to health and fitness. You have to take responsibility for the things you put in your body. If you aren't seeing the changes you'd like then you need to make a change in your habits. We hope the Paleo Challenge helped you figure out how you can eat healthy long-term and be the happy, healthy person you want to be. Now, with out further ado, here are the winners: 1st place: Mallory Buth 2nd place: John Andersen 3rd place: Annika Dieringer

Congratulations and see Cori or Brian to claim your prizes!

And, while we are on the topic of food, we thought we should watch a movie about food. We are announcing our first movie night on Friday, February 20 at 7pm! We will show the documentary Fed Up, which looks at the obesity epidemic in this country and the overuse of sugar in the processed foods we are surrounded by. Check out the trailer below and come watch and learn with us on Feb. 20.

Workout for Tuesday, February 3 EMOTM for 15 min, 2 Push Jerks 1-5: @ 65% of Push Press 6-10: @ 75% of Push Press 11-15: @ 85% of Push Press

For Time: 3 Rounds of 7 Thrusters (105/75) 14 Sit Ups then 3 Rounds of Row 15 Cal 5 Thrusters (105/75)

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