Thursday, February 5

I posted a funny clip last week about the fancy juices we are told are healthy as well as an article about fish oil supplements being rancid as a warning to make sure you really know what you are putting into your body. Don't believe the marketing or labeling claims. Read the ingredients and know exactly what you are eating. Unfortunately it seems like no matter how much we try, the supplement and vitamin industry just won't play fair. Here's an article detailing the New York attorney general's fight against the false claims these companies are making. It's actually rather scary that they have been lying to us for this long.

Among the problem supplements was a ginseng pill from Walgreens marketed for increased endurance and vitality — but contained little more than garlic and rice powder. Another was a ginkgo biloba supplement from Walmart that was mainly a mix of powdered radish, houseplants, and wheat — and its label said it was wheat- and gluten-free.

These are major retailers selling to millions of people who may be putting their health at more risk rather than actually receiving the benefits they were expecting. Three of the four retailers named are supposedly taking action to fix things, but we should still be very careful.

Remember, the supplement industry is essentially unregulated. That means people can put whatever they want into their product and it does not have to be tested for safety. At least the food industry pretends to only have safe ingredients. Please be smart about what you are taking and only take supplements that you really need. And if you are taking them, make sure they come from a trusted source and have proof of what is actually in them.

I may have posted this before, but here's John Oliver's take on the supplement industry. Sorry Dr. Oz.

Workout for Thursday, February 5 5 Rounds of L-Sit Holds (rings, matadore, boxes) 15 Double Unders ME Plate Twists (45/25) 20 sec on each movement, 10 sec transition Rest 1 min after each 90 sec round.

12 min AMRAP 15 Wall Balls (20/14) 10 Box Jumps 5 Muscle Ups *sub MU with 6 C2B Pull Ups, 7 Reg. Pull Ups, 8 Jumping C2B

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