Monday, February 9

You may have noticed recently that we are doing a lot of intervals and multiple shorter workouts in day. We are focusing right now on getting ready for the CrossFit Open that begins on February 26. Some of you have already signed up for the team and that is great. If you haven't signed up yet there is still time. Head over to to register and join the 616 team. The more people we have on the team the better because everyone's scores count. So your strengths may help us score higher in one workout while someone else's strengths may help in another. We will continue with some strength work, but we'll be in more of a maintenance mode for a little while. If you are new to CrossFit or not interested in the Open don't worry. You'll keep getting stronger and fitter. We just want you to understand where we are in the yearly cycle right now.

Workout for Monday, February 9 Double Under Practice: In 5 min: Row 500m then establish Max Effort Unbroken Set of Double Unders (make multiple attempts in remaining time after row)

4 min AMRAP: Wall Balls (20/14) *Emphasis on 1 ME set then same rest interval each time ball drops* Rest 2 min, 6 min AMRAP: 9 Thrusters (105/65) 20 Double Unders Rest 3 min, 4 min AMRAP: Burpees *Emphasis on Steady breathing, continuous movement* Rest 4 min: 12 Box Step Ups 12 Pull Ups Cash Out with 100 Double Unders

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