Tuesday, February 10

In case you don't remember, we now have a mobility class twice a week with coach Laura. She uses techniques from yoga and other areas to help loosen you up before or after your training session. And coming up on Saturday, March 7 Laura is offering a special CrossFit 616 hot yoga class at Twisted Hot Yoga. The class is only $10 and begins at 1:30 pm. Thanks Laura! Virtuosity - Doing the common, uncommonly well. This concept is something we all learn when becomming CrossFit coaches. We want the movements we do to be done as well as possible. Perfect? Maybe not, but that is what we are striving for. So, when we talk about movements and have standards it is because we want each rep of each movement to be done as close to perfect as you can get. Air squats are always below parallel and always finish with the hips fully extended, kettlebell swings always finish with arms and kettlebell straight over head, and pullups always finish with the chin all the way over the bar. Simple movements done correctly. Why? Because that is how the movement should be performed. It's not because of competition standards or the upcoming CrossFit Open. It's because we should do everything to the best of our ability. Virtuosity. As coaches, we also apply this concept to teaching. We are striving to give perfect cues and quality demonstrations. Are we perfect? No, of course not, but we are always working to be better.

Don't settle for less. Be the best air squatter, kettlebell swinger, or pulluper. I don't mean do the most reps, but have each rep look as close to perfect as possible. Do the common uncommonly well and the rest will fall into place.

Workout for Tuesday, February 10 Every 90 sec for 9 min: 3 OHS From Floor Build Up through sets starting no higher than 60% of Push Press

Front Squat 1X10 @ 65% 1X6 @ 75% 2X5 @ 80%

10 min AMRAP: Row 24 Cal 12 T2B

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