Monday, February 16

Use it or lose it! That's the latest on keeping our brains and bodies healthy and functioning well as we age. In fact, exercising the body and brain are proving to be more and more important in treating and fending off disease. Read Our Amazingly Plastic Brains from the Wall Street Journal for all of the information on how exercise can help us age well and keep our brains functioning properly.

Here's a couple of parts of the article that jumped out to me.

As people reach middle age, exercising the brain and the body to which it is attached—keeping both active—becomes more important. It is one of the few reliable ways to offset the natural wasting process and the damaging influence of our unnaturally sedentary modern lives.

But the activity with the biggest impact on risk was walking at least 2 miles a day, biking 10 miles a day or engaging in some other regular, vigorous physical exercise.... Imagine if there were a drug that could reduce the risk of dementia by 60%. It would be the most talked-about drug in history, but this astonishing finding has been fairly quietly received.

Workout for Monday, February 16 In 30 minutes Complete the Following: 3 Sets 7 Reps of Bench Press @ 75% of Push Press Max 3 Sets of 10 Strict Pull Ups (go to single reps if needed) Full Clean, Build Up to Heavy 2 Rep (no rest between reps)

For Time: 21-15-15-9 Thrusters (100/65) Bar Facing Burpees *12 min Time Cap*

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