Tuesday, February 17

Here's another great rowing video from US Men's Rowing that breaks down the stroke in the simplest way possible. Legs, body, arms... arms, body, legs. Say it with me. Please focus on your rowing technique during the 10-minute row. Rowing technique is just as important as the technique work on any other movement. Don't get on the rower and go crazy! Slow is smooth and smooth is fast! Oh, and thanks Nate for sharing the video with me.

How to Row from US Men's Rowing on Vimeo.

Workout for Tuesday, February 17 10 min Row For Distance Rest 4 min 10 min AMRAP 25 Double Unders 11 Wall Balls (20/14) 9 Wall Ball Sit Ups Rest 4 min 5 Rounds For Time: 10 T2B 3 Pull Ups 6 Push Ups 9 Air Squats

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