Thursday, February 19

Hey guys and gals, we are happy to tell you that Dr. Jason Ross from Train Out Pain will be here next Tuesday night to provide some Active Release therapy for our members. If you were here a couple of weeks ago you may have seen Dr. Graf from Train Out Pain working on some people and we heard great things from you all so we'd like to offer another night. We can't thank Jason and Eric enough for providing this service. If you have a nagging injury or tight spots come in and see Dr. Ross. We will have a sign up sheet and it will be first come, first serve. We have push presses and push jerks on tap for today and before you do this workout I want you to watch the video below. They talk a lot about the neutral spine and the elbow position, both of which are extremely important. He also addresses the head position a little bit and that's what I want you to see. You all know to keep the ribs down, abs tight and spine neutral. We talk about it all of the time. You also know to keep the elbows in front of the bar, right? We talk less about head position and in fact we sometimes give a cue that can be confusing. You may here us say "head through" when you are pressing over head. That means we want you to no leave the bar out in front of you. We want the bar, shoulders and hips right over the feet in one straight line. "Head through" does no mean to stick your neck way out like the guy in the video. Your spine goes all the way up to the base of your skull, so when we say neutral spine, we want the entire spine to be neutral. If you ever feel tingling in your hands or arms when going overhead it may be because of an awkward head position that results in pressure on the nerves in the neck area. Get everything tight, and keep everything in line to keep the back and shoulders safe and keep your presses feeling good.

Workout for Thursday, February 19 Take 25 min to Complete the Following: Push Press 3X5 @ 80% of Push Press Push Jerk 4X3 @ 90% of Push Press 7 Rope Climb Ascents *Complete Push Press Sets Before Moving to Push Jerks*

14 min AMRAP 8 KB High Pulls 8 KB Push Press (Right Arm) 8 KB Push Press (Left Arm) 40 Double Unders

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