Friday, February 20

I know you are all excited for the Weekly Roundup, but first, remember that we are watching Fed Up tonight at 7 pm. Bring a friend or your family, hang out with your fitfam, and enjoy a movie! Now, the Weekly Roundup

1. Why are you doing the Open?

2. How bodyweight training can benefit even the strongest athletes.

3. Lose Your Focus, Lose Your Edge. "The purpose of training is to make you better. Your improvement should be specific, measurable, and repeatable. Make no conditions; if you are stronger, faster, and can accomplish tasks better, you are improving."

Workout for Friday, February 20 Deadlift 3X5 @ 80% Single Reps 3X2 @ 90% Single Reps *Control down to floor, release bar, stand up between reps*

For Time: 50 Pull Ups 40 Wall Balls (20/14) 30 Overhead Lunges w/ Wall Ball 20 Calorie Row 10 Burpee Box Jumps

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