Monday, February 23

Thanks to those of you that came out to watch Fed Up on Friday night. If you didn't make it, I highly recommend watching this movie. We all learned quite a bit about how much sugar we are eating as a nation and how the sugar and food industries fight to keep us uninformed about what we are eating. I think the statistic is that of the 600,000 food items in America, 80% of them have added sugars. Those sugars also go by 50 different names. It is so hard to keep track of it all. The food industry wants to keep us in the dark as well so we think we are getting healthy options. There's no percentage of your daily recommended value of sugar listed on the labels so you don't even know how much you should be eating. The World Health Organization recommends just nine teaspoons of sugar a day. There are four grams of sugar in a teaspoon, so that means you should not consume more than 36 grams of sugar a day. If you drink a soda, juice or a lot of processed foods, you might be getting 36 grams in one serving.

We of course recommend eating real food and avoiding the processed junk that seems so easy. Remember, convenience doesn't outweigh the future health consequences. It can all get pretty confusing, so if you have questions, please ask a coach.

Workout for Monday, February 23 In 20 min: 10 Seated Sled Pulls (building up in weight) 5X3 Weighted Pull Ups (building up in weight)

For 20 min: 30 Sec ME Wall Balls 30 Sec ME Double Unders Rest 1 min

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