Wednesday, February 25

It's Wednesday FriendsDay so bring a friend to class with you today! You guys know we want you to move well all of the time. You hear us giving corrections during every workout. We want you to be safe and use your energy as efficiently as possible. We also want the movements done to a specific standard for the competitive athletes out there. The are specific range of motion requirements for every movement and if you don't complete the range of motion the rep does not count.

That's easy to explain when it comes to competition, but why do we care about it when we aren't competing? For me it goes back to the saying "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well." Don't cheat the movement or yourself by allowing bad reps to pass. This hurts your performance long term and doesn't challenge you to strive for perfection. There may be nothing worse to me than missing a wall ball shot, but if I count that rep I am not being honest with myself of my fellow classmates.

I bring this up now because we are officially in the Open season. That means that your workouts will be judged and counted by someone else. So if you've spent the past year accepting poor reps or not counting well, you're going to suffer in the Open workouts. Being judged by another person forces you to move as well as possible and makes you better. Don't get caught up in the scoring, but do your best and you can be proud of yourself.

The first Open workout gets announced this Thursday at 8 pm Eastern! 

 Workout for February 25
6 Rounds, Rest 2 min Between Each Round
Row 10 Calories
10 Box Jumps (Mandatory Step Down)
10 Sit Ups
5 Burpee Pull Ups
35 min Time Cap

Use remaining class time to practice skills and/or mobilize.

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