Thursday, February 26

"Use the artificial setting of the gym to train the whole person" This quote is from Mark Devine, founder of SealFit and a former Navy Seal Commander. Mark focuses much of his training on working as a team and being mentally tough and he doesn't think about the gym as just a place to grow your muscles. As he says, we are training for physical health, but we're also training mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When it comes to moving well, pushing through obstacles and setting PRs, so much of it has to do with the mental game. And the gym can be the perfect place to develop mental toughness. Being mentally tough will help you make it through a tough workout, but it also benefits every other part of your life. How do react when things go wrong at work? Do you suffer from road rage? Do you get upset when you can't use your phone?

The other night when the music went out mid-workout it was as if the world was coming to an end. I realize it's jarring to go from loud music to the sound of your own breath, but how you react to that means a lot. We all know we are physically capable of working out without music, but we convince ourselves that we will do so much better with the perfect song on. That's all the mental game. Next time something happens in a workout or in life to throw you off, pay attention to how you react.

I'm pretty sure we can all benefit from some extra mental toughness. If you have some time watch the episode of Barbell Shrugged with Mark Devine below. They really delve in to developing mental toughness and working as a team. There's information in there that can benefit us all.

Workout for Thursday, February 26 10-15 min Hip Mobility

5 min AMRAP Row 10 Cal 20 Double Unders

Rest 4 min

5 or 10 min AMRAP 8 Wall Balls 8 Burpees 8 Sit Ups

10-15 min Shoulder/Back Mobility

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