Tuesday, March 3

This Saturday is our hot yoga outing! Join us at Twisted Hot Yoga with our very own Laura, who will be leading a class just for members of CrossFit 616. If you have ever wanted to try yoga, but we maybe a little afraid, this is your chance! You can't be worse at yoga than me (Brian) so come out and have some fun trying something new. It's just $10 and you can fill out the registration form at the gym right now! Also, we are still collecting diapers for the Andersen's and their new baby boy. If you can just bring the diapers to the gym next time you come in. Thanks!

One other thing, you may have noticed some new climbing ropes at the gym this week. We're going to have tons of fun with these, but please wait to climb them until we get the safety mats under them. They should be here soon!

Workout for Tuesday, March 3 20 Rounds, 1 min Each Round Odd Rounds: 7 Wall Balls Even Rounds: 1 "A" Complex "A" Complex = 1 Power Clean, 1 Push Press, 1 Hang Power Clean, 1 Push Jerk *Rest Remainder of each minute, Max of 10 lb increase each round on complex*

12 min AMRAP Row 250 12 ball slams 10 oh lunges 8 c2b pull ups 6 hspu