Thursday, March 5

We have another session of Friday night lights coming up this Friday at 5 pm for the second Open workout. Please plan on working out with us Friday night if at all possible. There was a great atmosphere here last Friday, but we know we can do better. Bring your family and friends to watch and cheer people on to great Open performances. Even if you can't workout, we'd love to have you help judge and support our athletes. We want as many people here as possible to workout and cheer on the 616 team, so if you can make it, please be here. Workout two gets announced Thursday night at 8 pm! Here's a great article looking back at 15.1/15.1a and how so many people were able to hit clean and jerk PRs after completing the AMRAP. It has a lot to do with the different energy systems we use, but there's also a big psychological factor. Turning off your brain and just lifting what's on the bar can make a big difference. Sometimes we all think about things a little too much and the time factor along with the fatigue from part one may have been enough to shut our brains off and force us to just lift. Read the article for yourself here.

Workout for Thursday, March 5 Skill Practice: Double Unders: 30 sec on, 30 sec rest for 5 min *max set of 20 reps if doing open* 10 min Total to work on: Kipping Practice and Hand Stands/Handstand Walking 10 min of Box Jump Practice Building up to max height.

10 min AMRAP: Row 500m 10 Air Squats 10 Sit Ups 10 KB Swings (1.5/1)

Spend Time Working on Shoulder and Hip/Back Mobility After WOD!