Tuesday, March 10

As promised, here are a few more thoughts on the Open and competing in general. I've been doing the Open since it started in 2011 and every year I have improved, but I have always considered Open workouts just not good workouts for me. As in, they don't play to my strengths for whatever reason. However, this year I think I've realized a few things. I think the Open does play to my strengths more than I thought, but I haven't done a good job of capitalizing on them. My point is that I am not maximizing what I am good at. I get too caught up in what I need to work on and don't take advantage of my natural abilities well enough. We are all different. Some are going to be stronger, some will have better endurance and some will excel at high-skill movements. We need to take advantage of what we are good at. The "Use what God gave ya" strategy. Now, you can't ignore your weaknesses, but you can certainly make yourself as good as possible at the things with which you have the most potential.

If I look back at the first two workouts of the Open I can say that the power snatch got heavy for me (115 lb. at 140 lb bodyweight) and I can claim I'm not a great overhead squatter because of my tight hips and shoulders. But when I examine these workouts further I realize both of them had 50% bodyweight movements. And those are things I am good at. Those are things I should be great at.

If I was as good as I could be at chest-to-bar pullups the overhead squats would not have ruined 15.2 for me. If I was as good as I should be at toes to bar the five reps of "heavy" power snatches wouldn't have mattered nearly as much.

What I am talking about is maximizing your strengths. You have greater genetic potential to be better at some things than others and you should take full advantage of that. Yes, you have to work on the things you are not good at. We all know that. But think about where you can be a year from now. For me, it's more realistic to see myself doing 25 unbroken chest-to-bar pullups than snatching 200 pounds. It may be the opposite for you. The point is, I have greater potential at bodyweight movements so next time those things come up in the Open or anywhere else, I plan on being ready.

It's so easy to think about ALL the things we need to get better at. I get it. Just remember to focus your training. You can't do everything at once and just because you are pretty good at something doesn't mean it should get put on the shelf. Figure out what you are good at and run with it!

Workout for Tuesday, March 10 In 30 min Complete 7 Rounds of: Row 500m, Burpee Broad Jump 20 ft *This is not for time! It should be a steady pace taking the full 30 min to complete*


4 rounds, 3 min each Round 15 Push Ups, 45 Double Unders Rest Remainder of each Round.