Wednesday, March 11

Are you like me and feel like you sometimes need an extra 30 minutes of warming up before the warm up? I am chronically tight, but I'm working on it and see small improvements over time. Unfortunately, mobility takes time, and there is no overnight fix. However, we still have a limited time to spend at the gym each day and it's not realistic to spend 30-60 minutes prepping for the workout. So how do you spend your time as efficiently as possible? Luckily, the guys at Juggernaut put together a list of seven habits of highly effective movement prep for you to follow. Check out the article here and stop wasting your time rolling around for 30 minutes if it isn't getting you anywhere.

Some highlights - stick to the basics, think about the movements you are preparing for and stick to one or two things at a time. Also, BE CONSISTENT. This stuff only works if you are consistently working at it. Read more here.

Workout for Wednesday, March 11 Back Squat 2X3 @ 80% 2X2 @ 85% 3X1 @ 90%

For Time: Buy in with 10 Front Rack Lunges (115/75) *5 each leg* 30 T2B 30 Box Jumps (mandatory step down) 15 T2B 15 Box Jumps Cash out with 10 Front Squats (115/75)