Thursday, March 12

So the weather has finally turned (hopefully) and spring is in sight. As we approach the time of year where we wear less and less clothing everyone gets the itch to start looking a little better. We train CrossFit because it makes us healthier and fitter. It is not a program designed to make you look a certain way. However, with proper nutrition, one great byproduct of doing CrossFit is that you do lose weight and look better. Maybe you should read the previous sentence again. There's a phrase in there that is extremely important - "with proper nutrition." CrossFit works. I know it from personal experience and there are hundreds of thousands of examples across the world of people who have changed their lives through CrossFit. It makes us fitter, healthier and it can change your body. However, it is very easy to wreck your progress by not eating to support this healthy lifestyle.

What may seem like a few little cheats throughout the week can really add up. And most of the time when you look back you could have easily done without them. Consider your goals and what it really will take to achieve them. Remember how long it took to gain weight and don't think that you can lose it twice as fast. It's a process, but it's one you can start right now. Don't wait until summer is here and wish you had made the right choices.

As always, if you have questions about what to eat, please talk to one of your coaches.

Workout for Thursday, March 12 Push Press 5X5 @ 60% With 2 sec hold overhead Focus on Lock Out AND Core Stability.

12 min AMRAP

1000m Buy In, then:


KB Swings

Sit Ups

Pull Ups

Shoulder and Hip Mobility