Thursday, March 19

Do you have trouble getting deep in the squat? Maybe it's time to revisit the first ever Mobility WOD with Kelly Starrett. This is the 10-minute squat test. Just try to sit at the bottom of your squat for 10 minutes today. Maybe you can't do it all at once - that is ok, just try to do it one minute at a time. This should be a natural position for us, but sitting in chairs has killed our hip mobility. Try the 10-minute squat test and do it regularly to see if your hips don't start feeling better.

Workout for Thursday, March 19 Shoulder/Hip Mobility

7 rounds, 2:00 min each round 10 cal Row, 10 Slam Balls, 10 Sit Ups

Shoulder/Hip Mobility

*Optional Extra Work* 5 Rounds for Time: 30 Double Unders 8 Push Ups 8 Air Squats