What a fun burpee filled Monday, right? Well we hope you enjoyed it and if anything hopefully it has prepared you for whatever is to come this Friday. This is our last week of the open. Please feel free to talk to us about what you would like to improve on looking forward to next year. We know one thing that needs to happen for all of us is.... getting stronger. A Reminder for you for this week- We will not have guided yogility. Feel free to come in and work on it yourself though.

We are also going to start a 14 Day NO SUGAR Challenge this Friday and will go through April 10th. What do you have to lose? If you are interested please add your name on the whiteboard. It's only 14 days! We will hold each other accountable by communication rather then handing in a journal.

Workout for Tuesday, March 24th

Push Jerk (from floor) EMOTM for 13 min 3 Push Jerks @ 75% of Push Press Max

12 min AMRAP: 3 Bar Muscle Ups 10 DB Snatches (Alternating Arms) 40 Double Unders