Thursday, March 26

We've been saying this for the past four weeks, but now is the time. As the Open draws to a close this week it is time for us to evaluate where we want to go in the next year. This year, more than ever, the Open exposed our weaknesses and pushed us to do some things we had never tried. And with those new challenges, there may be a LOT of things you want to work on. That's great, but make a plan. You can't master everything at once so you need to break down the next few months and figure out which things to work on each month or two. This gives you a better shot at success because you will be training that movement more regularly, and it also allows you to see progress which is good for your mental state.

If you try to attack everything at once, progress is slow, there are a lot of bad training days with no success and you'll want to give up. Enjoy the small victories by conquering one step at a time.

Workout for Thursday, March 26

10 Minutes of Hip and Back Mobility

Row Max Meters in 12 Minutes

Shoulder Mobility

With Remaining Time: 4 Sets of Max Effort Strict Pull-ups/Negatives Handstand Push-up and Handstand walking practice