Tuesday, March 31

If you didn't see it on Facebook last week we are hosting a competition at CrossFit 616 on Saturday, June 13. The Benchmark Bonanza will be the first open competition at our new location and there is space available for 30 men and 30 women. There are also RX'd and scaled divisions. If you'd like to compete go ahead and sign up. If you aren't interested in competing we can still use your help. We will need lots of volunteers on that day. We'll need registration and scoring people, judges, and general athlete and facility support. Please mark this day on your calendar and join us at the Benchmark Bonanza.

Here's the link to the Facebook event page with more information and links to the registration page. We'd love it if you share this event with as many people as possible.

Workout for Tuesday, March 31 5 min Shoulder Mobility 20 min AMRAP: Row 600m 8 T2B 10 Air Squats 12 Slam Ball Twists Rest 5 min, 10 min AMRAP Row 300m 8 Sit Ups 10 Ball Slams