Thursday, April 2

Can You Maintain or Even Build Strength While Losing Body Fat? That is the question posed by the most recent blog post on Barbell Shrugged. Now, of course they are trying to sell a program to get you lean and muscular, but the facts still remain. It is possible, but it's hard. What it comes down to is eating the right things and enough of them. We've gone over what we should be eating tons of times, but you also have to be eating the right amount to support your activity level. Killing yourself in the gym and starving yourself outside of it is not the path to health or weight loss.

And of course, consistency is key. As with any program, the more you stick to it the better it works. The article answers many of the common questions about eating properly and training when it comes to weight loss and it always comes down to consistency. We're all going to mess up and that's ok, but getting right back on track is what makes it work. Here's an excerpt from the article:

The biggest challenge I see is consistency with eating clean.

Most people will have really good weeks, and then some really bad weeks. So, they don’t see many changes overall. It’s also common for athletes to not eat enough. When you don’t eat enough nutrient-dense food during training you’re more likely to make bad choices. When you get bored and hungry on the weekend you will start eating garbage.

Don't let lack of preparation be your downfall. Have healthy meals and snacks prepared so you aren't starving and seeking out any junk food you can find. And use your fellow gym members as support. If you have goals we are all here to support you. As usual, don't wait to get started. Now is the time.

Workout for Thursday, April 2 25 min to Find 1RM Strict Press then 1RM Push Press

12 min AMRAP 10 C2B Pull Ups 10 HSPU 10 Deadlifts (225/155)